New TED Talks on Democratic Education

Christel Hartkamp-Bakker and Peter Hartkamp from Sudburyschool Harderwijk in the Netherlands have both been featured at recent TEDX events.
Last week, Christel’s talk was recorded at the TEDX 2018 event for TEDX Harderwijk. The subject of her talk was “Can we trust children to educate themselves?”
Peter Hartkamp’s talk was recorded at TEDX Bratislava earlier in the year. It should be online in the very near future.

EUDEC Poland Crowdfunding for Coordinator

Dear EUDEC friends and members,

On 24th-27th May 2018 another conference of Polish democratic education community took place. About 250 hundred people joined the conference near Poznan to exchange experience, support each other, and charge their batteries. In the polish community, we came to a conclusion, that we want to have a crowdfunding to pay a regional coordinator, whose task would be to engage people in the projects of the community and keep up the work for in between conferences. There are already plans to do lobbying, organize a social campaign and courses for teachers.  The role of the coordinator was granted to Michał Sienicki, a former EUDEC council member. Continue reading “EUDEC Poland Crowdfunding for Coordinator”


Dear All,

3 September 2018 marked the first day of work for Nova Škola primary school, the first free-democratic school in Croatia. We are very happy and proud of finally making our dreams come true. 

Our biggest obstacle was finding an adequate facility. We entered into negotiations with the City of Samobor representatives to be given a venue that was not in use for years and were prepared to renovate it and make it work for us, but have not been successful in this.

After two years we found a venue and started renting. The premises are located in a smaller settlement, close to nature but still not too far from the city centre. We are surrounded by beautiful fields, woods and serenity. Continue reading “NEW DEMOCRATIC SCHOOL IN CROATIA!”


(A revised version of Derry Hannam’s keynote talk at the EUDEC conference held at Korfes, Crete, August 2018)

There are two pillars to Democratic Education.

Pillar number one consists of self-directed and self-managed learning and education which is free from coercion, competition, compulsory testing and fear of failure where, above all, young people learn to manage their own time. We aim to bring an end to meaningless schoolwork that is preparation for meaningless work. Much meaningless paid work in the wider world is coming to an end anyway, which I am totally in favour of so long as we have democratic control of the consequences. We in the democratic education movement aim to create schools where children can think and choose for themselves and that no longer produce obedient factory workers and soldiers. Continue reading “WE HOLD THE KEYS TO THE FUTURE – AND SHOULD NOT BE AFRAID TO SAY SO!!”