Democratic School Partnership Project Launched in Greece

We are very excited because our school-partnership project was approved by the Greek ministry of Education. This comes in a period where we are actually starting to raise awareness on the topic of democratic education and we enthusiastically realise that more and more people are interested to join.

In this promising “Sympraxis” democratic school partnership project, students and teachers from Greek state schools are going to be working together with democratic schools from Europe on subject areas such as:

  • Democratic Education: The Structure and Beyond
  • Democratic Education: EU Legislation and Human Rights
  • Race and Gender in Democratic Education
  • Democratic Educational Practices

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Report from IDEC 2018

Namaste EUDEC friends from Europe and beyond!

Here is the promised Report from IDEC 2018:
how it all unwrapped in my very fragmentary and subjective outlook 😉

The 25th International Conference for Democratic Education (IDEC) just took place three weeks ago in Bengalore, on the central south Deccan Plateau in India. (15th to 21st November 2018)

It was simultaneously the 3rd A.P.DEC (ey-pi-dec) conference (= the equivalent of EUDEC for the Asia-Pacific region), and the first, newly born InDEC :
indeed India feels the urge to create a regular nationwide conference, considering the country is a sort of sub (or super?) continent in itself with a population of 1,4Bn : one fifth of the total population of the world. Twice that of Europe at large to the Ural Mountains – & superior to Africa in its whole entirety.

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